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Kamigami Battles Customer Service

Help! My Kamigami Battles has a problem!

Greetings! We hope you're enjoying your Kamigami Battles pledge! We always strive to make sure your pledge arrives complete and safely the first time around. Unfortunately, sometimes things are beyond our control - like elephants attacking a UPS truck or Pennywise swiping a promo card out of your box (Or something boring like a crushed corner due to a rough trip). Be sure to open your pledge completely and please only send one ticket about your pledge. Please see the questions below to see if your question or concern has already been addressed! If you send an inquiry about an issue addressed below, you will not receive a response.

I don't have my tracking number yet!

Tracking numbers will be emailed out to the email address on your Pledgemanager account when your parcel is completed and shipped. Don't panic if you don't have one yet, it takes time to send out all the pledges! We will post here as each region's tracking numbers should be received and we will not be responding to requests for tracking numbers before we've updated!

I don't have my package yet!

US, Canada and Mexico have all been fulfilled and internationals (everyone outside of North America) are in progress. The first thing we will ask of you is whether you've contacted your local courier office. 95% of the time, reporting to USPS/UPS/DHL, etc. that your package has not arrived yet results in a found package. PLEASE contact them before you contact us!

I didn't receive expansion packs!

Rather than make you wait longer for art to be completed, we shipped the base games and accessories that were ready. The four expansions and their respective promo cards will ship when they are available. We will send out emails to double-check shipping addresses before we start fulfillment on that!

I didn't receive all my promo cards!

Please see above - promo cards will be shipped with their expansion packs (the promos for the expansion's pantheon will be shipped with each one). Unlocked stretch goals will also be sent when they are produced (including Ptah).

I didn't receive all my foil packs!

Yes, I'm repeating myself - foil cards will be shipped to those who ordered them as soon as they are completed. We didn't want you to have to wait.

The original God cards are blurry!

We had to work with the older art for the original Gods, which were formatted for a smaller card. They are slightly blurry, but the text should be sharp and useable and all the new Gods, including future expansions, are new art, made for the larger cards. There will not be reprints done of the original Gods.

My metal coins are the wrong count!

You should have received 80 coins - 20 coins with 5-value and 60 coins with 1-value. This did change as we went through production, so it is different than we posted on the Kickstarter!

My Gods/temples oversized sleeves don't fit!

Due to manufacturing processes, a sleeve here or there may be slightly smaller and cause a curve in your God/temple cards - if you find this is the case, try another sleeve in the pack. We've found that most people have plenty of sleeves to cover all their cards with some extras!

Nice try, but you didn't answer my question/address my concern!

No worries! Please go here and fill out the form as completely as possible and our customer service team will help you out!