Press Release - Japanime Games Welcomes Three New Staff Members!

3, May 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - The Japanime Games family is growing with the addition of three new staff members. Ari Price, Elaine S., and Sam Nolton join the team as European Representative, Graphic Designer, and Marketing & Communications Manager respectively, each adding their unique skillsets and experience to the growing company’s team.

Ari PriceAri Price has been brought on board as Japanime Games’ European Representative for a myriad of reasons. Academically, Ari is exceptionally accomplished and brings all of that knowledge and expertise to her work as the European Representative. Located in the EU, Ari’s focus is to help grow Retail and Distributor relations in Europe and the surrounding areas in hopes to increase growth and partnership with our friends and fans wherever they may be. Additionally, Ari is excited to bring their own approach to content creation and interaction with our communities by focusing on integrating our Facebook communities and more.

Elaine Schimek

Elaine is an exceptional Graphic Designer that has worked with Japanime Games for an exceptionally long time. Now, we are graced with making her a full time employee to help with our growth. Sporting a robust collection of skills from Design, Illustration, and Video Production, Elaine is going to help streamline everything internally. Previously our go-to designer now being in house will open new doors and opportunities for new creatives, more robust campaigns, and perhaps a dramatic flair to our more illustrious projects. Whatever they may be, we know that Elaine will be a seamless integration into our processes and more.


Sam NoltonSam Nolton is a seasoned digital marketer brought on as Japanime Games' new Marketing & Communications Manager. With over eight years of experience in content marketing, SEO, social media management and advertising, Sam will help in promoting Japanime Games' growing line of products through comprehensive marketing strategies and insightful out-of-the-box thinking. A Portland local, born and raised, Sam joins us in our company hometown and will be instrumental in growing our brand in the coming months. As the new Marketing & Communications Manager, Sam can be reached at

Japanime Games is expecting to see significant growth in 2021 with new products, kickstarter campaigns, and planned releases throughout the coming months, and the new employees will help achieve that growth, bringing their passion and insight to the table. Ari Price’s role as European Representative opens new avenues in generating demand and new sale acquisitions overseas. Elaine’s experience enables the company to bring visual creative assets, graphics, and videography to advertising initiatives and product designs. Sam Nolton’s expertise allows Japanime Games to expand its reach and grow its marketshare through comprehensive marketing and advertising strategies, reaching more fans and customers worldwide.

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