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Core Connection Resources


Core Connection is a deck-building card game for 2-4 players where you play as the pilots of Resonants, giant mechas who are fighting to free society from the tyrannical reign of its oppressors! Pilot your Resonant with unique tactics and upgrade it with enhancements to defeat the army of Atlantis!


Core Connection: Rise of Atlantis
This is the base Core Connection game, with everything you need to sit down and play!
Core Connection: Titans Unleashed Expansion
Add the Shining Star expansion pack to your base game.
Core Connection Setup Playmat
This beautiful standard sized playmat, made of a high quality mousepad-like material, measures 24.25″ X 14.25″ and will help you set up your game!

The base game includes 168 cards, 4 reference cards, 31 tokens and 6 dividers.The Titans Unleashed expansion pack includes 77 more cards!

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