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Japanime Games

Fairy Garden - Advanced Play Mini Expansion


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Are you a Heart of Crown expert? Get to the action faster by swapping out your starting deck in this mini expansion. Compatible with all the Heart of Crown games - the base game is required (original Heart of Crown or Fairy Garden).

In the Advanced Play Mini Expansion, each player starts the game with a deck of 10 cards as listed below. Otherwise, the rules of the game are unchanged.

  • 6 Farming Villages
  • 1 Mansion (New)
  • 1 Attendant (New)
  • 1 Alternate Art Apprentice Maid
  • 1 Personal Maid (New)

To begin the game, instead of the number of Apprentice Maids, determine who goes first by who has the highest total number of Attendants, Apprentice Maids, and Personal Maids. All four Personal Maids have the same effect.

  • Expected Delivery Date: April 2019
  • Number of Cards Included: 16
  • Sleeve Size: Standard

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Fairy Garden - Advanced Play Mini Expansion

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