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Dyskami Publishing

Tri-Stat Boxed Game: Wyrms

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Since the dawn of recorded time, Wyrms have ruled the skys of Khalud. They have an unassailable instinct to seek out the few remaining others of their kind. Not to mate or join in companionship, but to defeat them in combat, consume their hearts, and gain a measure of their powers. This intense drive to singular existence is the Great Fusion. Wyrms discovered long ago that they could best achieve their goals by performing a ritual to divide their consciousness and physicality into several smaller entities. Through a process known as Sundering, the races of Dragonkind came into being.

As a player character, you'll assume the role of a Dragon alongside your Sundermates.

Wyrms: Role-Playing Adventures is a group storytelling game about the eternal battles between massive flying beasts destined to consume their rivals.

Pixies, Wyrms, and Demonicity – These boxed set RPGs are games of adventure, exploration, battle, heroism, romance, and imagination. Yet unlike in a traditional board game, the possibilities for exploration and action in these role-playing game are endless.

Each of the three role-playing adventure games contains the following components:

  • a 32-page full-color rulebook that gives your group everything you need to play, with sections on character abilities, magical spells/paranormal powers, weapons and equipment, enemy encounters, items and equipment, and guidelines for integrating the Tri-Stat System game with the compatible BESM Roleplaying System
  • 6 brief story scenarios so you can start playing adventures right away
  • 6 pre-generated player character sheet handouts, with game stats and illustration
  • 4 custom-etched dice specific to that boxed set
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