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Domina Resources

Japanime Games is thrilled to be working with Domina Games, building a partnership to bring their beautiful games to our fans, and we're starting with three of our favorites! Explore Frontier Town in the hopes of finding Eden in Argoat; escape a sinking island while rescuing precious relics in Pralaya; or take a wander through the Wonders of Miraris!

Pick up your favorite, or all three in a beautiful Limited Edition box set - pre-order today!

Stories claim that Eden is a land of beauty without compare, and that its residents are bestowed with eternal life. However, the way to Eden is not open to all. Should it be discovered, the paradise will once again fade into darkness.

Your sources indicate that Eden slumbers somewhere in the vicinity of a certain Frontier Town. In order to discern its exact location, you must first seek the eight Fragments of Ancient Knowledge hidden across the land.

As you arrive in the Frontier Town, you meet the eyes of several other outsiders who no doubt have the same goal in mind...


As you gaze into the antique mirror, a strange and wonderful land comes into focus. A world of mystery awaits within the mirror's reflection.

You are not alone there; another figure stands beside you. Beyond the weathered frame, there is only beauty; beauty that beckons you into the world of dreams. All you have to do is reach for it...

Discover the secrets of the Dream World, reflected in the antique mirror, as you explore its many Wonders. The Wonders, however, can only be visited by one person at a time. As you travel, you will find friends among the inhabitants of the Dream World.


Long ago, there was an island nation in the southern sea that enjoyed a great period of cultural prosperity. Surrounded by natural beauty and gifted with tremendous intellect, the island's residents believed their peaceful lifestyle would go on for all time.

But one morning, a fearsome demon broke free from its ancient prison and began to drag the island into the depths of the sea. With the end growing ever nearer, the king ordered his most loyal retainers to gather as much of the nation's knowledge and as many of the island's treasures as they could, and flee to the northern lands.

Collect valuable relics, gather coins, and buy your safe passage from the island before it sinks into the sea! The player who escapes on a Dhoni with the most valuable relics is the winner, but be warned - wait too long to flee and your fate will be the same as the island!

Rulebook and Documents*

*Rulebooks are subject to review and change before final print