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Tokyo Sidekickstarter Coming Soon!

Tokyo Sidekick is coming!
The campaign goes live on Kickstarter in:

1-4 Players | 40-60 minutes | Ages 12+ | Cooperative

Every city has a story. And Tokyo’s is about to get a whole new side of one. In a world where Variant Humans exist, evil is always just around the corner, and our Heroes can’t handle it alone--every Hero needs a Sidekick!

Samuraiman saved Alpha Kid from the evil Menace Fuji Sengen, when he was just a young boy, and now they’re inseparable, fighting to save Tokyo from the Villains together. But it’s not just this dynamic duo; ElecArmor whizzes around the city in his high-tech suit while his butler brings the armored Battlemobile as support. The Moon princess, Kaguya Girl, is the muscle behind most operations, and her shiba dog alerts her to new threats. Kevin Parks gave Cyber Tengu his wings and helps him pinpoint villainy ever since the Hero saved his daughter. Tokyo seems to bring so many people together, but what then, turns these Tokyoites into villains?

Enraged at the pollution choking his beloved ocean, sushi chef and engineer Dr. Uogashi wants to destroy everything that hurts the sea with his giant flying Sushi BotA deceased Sidekick, Soul Bandit lost his memories after being revived by Fuji Sengen and now goes to any length to carry out “justice.”
A genius in war, a fiercely loyal commander was betrayed and killed by his Lord. This vengeful spirit amassed a miasmic darkness over 100 years, eventually forming a giant castle that regenerates its walls in seconds.

The underground world you’re about to discover has so much more to tell you, but you’ll have to fight to save the city to discover it all!


One Large Game Board
Four Player Boards
One Power Up Board
203 Small Cards
42 Oversized Cards
42 Cardboard Character Standees
16 Character Stands