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Winter Romance Customer Service

Help! My Winter Romance has a problem!

Greetings master! We hope you're enjoying your Winter Romance pledge! We always strive to make sure your pledge arrives complete and safely the first time around. Unfortunately, sometimes things are beyond our control - like elephants attacking a UPS truck or Pennywise swiping a promo card out of your box (Or something boring like a crushed corner due to a rough trip). Please see the questions below to see if your question or concern has already been addressed!

I don't have my tracking number yet!

Tracking numbers will be emailed out to the email address on your Pledgemanager account when your parcel is completed and shipped. Don't panic if you don't have one yet, it takes time to send out all the pledges! We will post here as each region's tracking numbers should be received and we will not be responding to requests for tracking numbers before we've updated!

I don't have my package yet!

No regions (US, Canada, Internationals) have been completed yet, so we will not be responding to requests about missing packages currently. We will post here when we expect that most people should have received and at that point we will do our best to help you out with tracking down a missing package. The first thing we will ask of you is whether you've contacted your local courier office. 95% of the time, reporting to USPS/UPS/DHL, etc. that your package has not arrived yet results in a found package. PLEASE contact them before you contact us!

I didn't get the right promo cards!

Please check the chart here first - the promo cards can be a bit confusing. If you're due an Ariette Cuore card for buying the art book, check the inside of the back cover! If you check the chart and you're still missing promo cards, fill out the form linked at the bottom of this page.

Where are the randomizer decks?

If you ordered a Big Box, check inside. Your randomizer deck is included. If you ordered an extra deck or an upgrade deck, we apologize, our manufacturer included them in the wrong shipment and we should be receiving them a couple of weeks late. We will be mailing them to you separately (no charge to you, of course!). We will email you first to make sure your address hasn't changed.

My Menou playmat has a white mark on it!

They all do! All of the products need to go through Arclight for approval, and we did point this out to them, as it is on the original art, and we were not told to correct it, so there it stayed!

Nice try, but you didn't answer my question/address my concern!

No worries! Please go here and fill out the form as completely as possible and our customer service team will help you out!