This mini expansion should be played together with the base gameTokyo Sidekick #1

Before you start, check the list below for how to use the components from this scenario as well as the components from the base game that you won't need.

Use the 3-4 player side of the game board from Tokyo Sidekick #1.

Once you have removed the following components (and assigned the required characters), the setup steps are the same as the base game.

This scenario chronologically follows the events in the Tokyo Sidekick #1 base game.

Do not look at the front of the cards yet! Only turn them over when the scenario tells you to, then follow the instructions.

To play Akihabara Web, you will follow the story online. You can have one player read the text out loud, or all players can scan the code and read the same page at their own speed.

After reading the page, follow the instructions. When everyone is ready, continue to the next page to read the first part of the story!

*When playing, do not continue to the next page if there are any conditions you must meet first.

*Akihabara Web is designed to be played without knowing what will happen next in the story! For that reason, the designers ask that you don’t post spoilers online, and recommend that you don’t read through the scenario before you play.

Enemies appear in the same way as the base game. However, the Menace only appears when the scenario tells you.

*Once you have crushed two Supervillains, no more will appear even if the Crisis Marker reaches the red Crisis Circle.

Saving the Day

The winning condition of the base game—defeat the Menace—does not apply.

Instead, you win by making it all the way to the end of the story!

Losing the Day

In addition to the conditions for defeat in the base game, it is possible for the Heroes to lose because of how you progress through the story.

For any game-related questions or more information, please contact us via the Japanime Games homepage.

When you have finished setting up, you can begin the scenario by clicking below!

(There is a little more setup to do on the page after that.)