Neither side had given an inch on the battlefield and exhaustion levels were mounting.

Hiraga: “Hff, I’m nearly out of juice.”

Haruki: “If we don’t stop this thing right now, it’s gonna run again.”

ONI nodded in acknowledgement and sprang up onto the giant spider’s back.

ONI: “I’ll make an opening.”

He slammed his fists down on the bulbous abdomen and the monster recoiled at the onslaught. ElecArmor followed up with an electrical shockHe summoned up the last vestiges of power in his suit for a final electrical blast. The suit announced that it was completely out of power before going dark.

Haruki: “It’s not moving... Now’s our chance.”

Hiraga: “Miu, can you do it?”

Miu: “I’m gonna give it the beating of a lifetime... A punch to the soul!”


Miu fiddled with the cockpit's touchscreen, preparing one last attack.

Miu: “Here goes the lethal technique! Ultimate Knuckle! ...Kiss my fist.”

Hiraga: “You’re trying way too hard, Miu.”

Trackball unleashed a punch that tore right through the monster tarantula. The arachnid slammed into the ground under the sheer force of the attack, spraying ichor as it thrashed about before eventually falling still.

And so, the Heroes purged the monster that was nesting in Akihabara and saved the day!

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