Miu looked out the window towards the crossing. The light turns green and the crowd moves in unison. People choke the intersection, almost flowing past each other. The town was acting like nothing had happened.

Hiraga: “So you’re not an idol anymore?”

Miu was munching on an ice pop while working on Trackball. It had taken a beating in the fight with the tarantula.

Miu: “I’ve had enough of idols for a lifetime...”

The idol life was short, if not sweet, for Miu Watabe. She had told her friends Kokomi, Ion, and Nana via a simple message that she was finished with it. Those three would be fine without Miu and Mugi.

As for Terada, Miu thought he deserved a little prank. She set an alarm to go off on his smartphone every morning at 6 a.m., and not stop ringing. The Bit Vivid badge on Miu’s backpack glinted in the sunlight.

Hiraga and Miu were busy working together on the prototype in the lab again today.

Hiraga: “Look at this thing, it stopped working again. Can’t we run another protocol like the Miracle one you used before?”

Miu: “It forces the machine to go past safe mechanical limits so every time we use it Trackball gets damaged. I tried a different method; putting in instructions for movement based on a brain scan, but human thought is too complicated so it couldn’t run the code right.”

Miu straddled the chair backwards, and hung her chin over the back rest.

??: “Hellooo, is Genji here?”

The voice of Tomo Mochizuki (AKA Kaguya Girl) came from the entrance.

Tomo: “Chamaru, don’t misbehave now, you shouldn’t go over there.”

Chamaru: “Woof!”

Chamaru raced around the lab with his tongue out, a happy pupper.

Hiraga: “Hey, I told you not to let the dog in here!”

Chamaru jumped nimbly into the cockpit of the prototype.

Chamaru: “Woof, woof!”

AI: “AUTHENTICATING. OPERATION REINITIATED.” And the prototype picked itself up and started moving again.

Hiraga: “Whoa...”

Miu: “Dog, robot... Match made in heaven.”

The End.

Scenario: Yusuke Emi

Enemy Art: ゆうる

Player Character Art: ひらばやし ともこ

Japanese Production: Little Cosmic

English Production: Japanime Games

Executive Producer: Eric Price

Producer: Heather Przystas

Translation, Graphics, Production: Maisy Hatchard

Editor: William Niebling