Terada: “Your dance and singing training starts today. Listen to your coach and do your best.”

The coach was a woman in her late twenties, energetic and giving the distinct impression that her idea of fun was a workout at the gym. The opposite of Miu.

Coach: “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and stop right on count there. Miu, more knees, drop your hip.”

Miu: *Huff, huff* “I'm not used to being the one doing the heavy lifting...”

Nana: “You want to be an idol, right? Have you even done a song yet?”

She asked in an obnoxious tone that set off a competitiveness in Miu.

Coach: “Okay, let’s take a little break.”

The tension broke with the coach’s words. Miu gratefully let out the breath she had been holding.

Mugi: “Dance is so much fun!”

Miu: “You’re so positive, Mugi.”

Mugi beamed at her as she wiped the sweat off with a towel and said, “You’ve been getting so good at dancing as well, Miu! It’s really starting to show!”

She held her fingers in a peace sign and smiled even wider.

Kokomi: “Ion, are you listening to music on your break, too?”

Ion: “It’s just easier when your body feels the music.”

Mugi: “I’ve honestly thought you two were amazing since Tinkle Sprite.”

Kokomi: “Oh, you watched us perform? Aw, thanks!”

Miu: “Tinkle Sprite?”

Kokomi: “Me, Ion, and Hazuki together, we formed a group called ‘Tinkle Sprite.’ Oh, and Hazuki was-”

Terada cut in on the conversation.

Terada: “Hazuki was one of our idols, but she disappeared. Hazuki Shinoyama, 21 years old. She went missing a month ago on the day of a show. There’s still no trace of her.”

Terada: “Our Hazuki vanished so Tinkle Sprite couldn’t continue performing. But now Mugi, Nana, and Miu, you three have joined us, so we can revive Tinkle Sprite as ‘Bit Vivid!’”

Miu: “...Japanese please?”

Just how far am I going to get dragged into this?

Miu silently wished for Haruki to come and save her.

Miu: “Man, I can’t keep this up. My whole body hurts...”

She slumped into the lab sofa like an exhausted traveler collapsing on the road.

Hiraga: “What’s wrong with you? Don’t lay around the second you get here.”

But he said it worriedly, in a gentle tone—like a father scolding his daughter.

Miu: “I’m not designed for exercise or being an idol.”

Hiraga: “An idol? Exercise? What are you talking about?”

Miu: “I’m helping Haruki out with an investigation—I’ve ended up infiltrating an idol group and somehow one thing led to another and now I’m taking dance lessons...

I’m supposed to be the one that uses her head and supports the rest of you from backstage...



Finally voicing her complaints to someone close to her, Miu’s feelings got the better of her and suddenly she was crying like a baby.

Hiraga: “Okay, no, don’t cry! We’re going to get ramen.”

Miu: “Ramen... sounds good.”

She raised her head and wiped the tears away, rubbing her eyes with the palms of her hands.

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