Miu was doing more than just training. She’d been talking to everyone to get intel the whole time she was learning the ropes.

She’d found out that Terada used to be a musician, Kokomi was secretly working as a hostess, Mugi only came to Tokyo a month ago so she didn’t have a single friend outside of the group yet, and that Numata had been following Ion around as well. Apparently she’d had other ‘fans’ get clingy, too. Even Nana was starting to open up.

Today they were working hard on their singing. There were some songs pulled straight from Tinkle Sprite, but there were also some that Terada had written fresh for Bit Vivid.

Nana: “You actually have a decent sense of rhythm, Miu.”

Miu: “Maybe... because I played a lot of rhythm games?”

Miu looked down, a little shy.

She might have joined just to infiltrate the group, but she’d actually become good friends with the other members and the compulsory training she hated at first was getting easier.

The door opened and Terada casually waltzed in.

Terada: “Yo, it’s everyone’s favorite Pro-D!”

Ion: “Mr. Terada… Calling you that is way too awkward, please don’t make us.”

Terada: “Everyone, listen up!”

He opened his arms out wide, like some kind of peacock displaying, his voice raised to match the gesture.

Nana: “What now...”

Terada: “Your first live show is booked!”

“WHAAaaATT?!” Everyone’s surprised voices came at once.

“So, when is it?” Asked a wide-eyed Kokomi.

Terada: “Next Sunday.”

That was definitely not enough time before the show.

Nana: “That’s only a week?!”

Ion: “If it’s booked already then we just have to do it.”

Mugi: “Hee hee, I’m excited!”

Nana: “You’re always excited.”

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