The venue for the show was five minutes from Akihabara Station, in a relatively new building. The stage was down the stairs that led straight down from street-level, in the basement, which was furnished as a live music venue.

Red, yellow, and green spotlights lit up the stage. Five idol groups were set to be there today, each with their own stage time to perform their songs. Bit Vivid didn’t have enough fan base to do a solo show yet, but thanks to the other proven idol groups being there, around 200 seats had been filled.

There was a huge, jittery-looking man in the audience, trying to be inconspicuous. It was Miu's grandfather, Sadatoki Watabe—the superhero known as ONI.

ONI: "Hmmm. I'm worried."

Hiraga: "ONI, I don't know what that disguise is supposed to do for you, but you stick out like a sore thumb."

Hiraga sat next to ONI, giving his friend a knowing wink. The two were there to enjoy Miu's very first performance, but the big man looked more nervous than the performers.

Backstage, Miu and the Bit Vivid members were on standby—it was nearly their turn to go up.

Staff Member: “This is your two minute call.”

A young staff member from the studio was calling the order of the acts. It was finally time for the real thing.

Ion: “This is what we practiced for. Here we go everyone!”

Kokomi: “Okay, let’s do it.”

Nana: “I’m nervous.”

Mugi: “You’ll be fine!”

They stood facing each other in a circle and put their hands in the center.

Kokomi: “One.”

Ion: “Two.”

Mugi: “Three.”

Nana: “Four.”

Miu: “Five.”

Kokomi: “Biiiiiiiit!”

All: “Viviiiid!”

They swung their hands up on ‘Vivid!’ and ran towards the stage.

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