Mugi: “The more you struggle the easier it is to wrap you up!”

Hiraga: “Suddenly I know what it’s like to be a butterfly in a net.”

ONI was sucking up the web entangling ElecArmor with his black hole power, but the monster was spinning more as fast as he could absorb it.

Thud-whirr… Thud-whirr… Trackball came slashing through the trees, knocking them down as it ran.

Miu: “Taaaaaaaake THIIIIISSS!!”

The giant steel body smashed into the spider. A full-body tackle.

Miu: “It’s working!”

The huge demon of an arachnid rolled on the ground.

Miu: “This thing can fight! The gyro systems are perfect! The cockpit is completely stable! Hey Mr. Hiraga, did you equip a bazooka or anything?”

Hiraga: “No I did not equip a bazooka!”

Miu: “Then I’ll just have to go for melee tactics. I get to show you just how sharp my Street Fighter skills are!”

Trackball took up a boxing stance, raising its tiny arms. The monstrous spider got to its feet, anger blazing in its eyes.

Mugi: “I will NOT lose to you. No way, no way, no way!”

The part of her that was still human started sinking into the arachnid body, slowly changing her form until she had completely transformed into a giant tarantula.

Haruki: “It’s basically a sci-fi movie...”

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