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How to assemble your punchboard divider

Your punchboard insert should have six sheets. Here's how the pieces correspond:

A) Long side
B) Adjustable dividers
C) Short side
D) Tokens
E) Long permanent dividers
F) Middle permanent divider
Punch out all the pieces, being sure to remove all of the center punch-outs for dividers.
Fold the long sides (A) along the scored lines. Fold the short sides (C) along the scored lines. Attach the four side pieces like a puzzle to create the box bottom. Cross the long and permanent divider pieces (E and F) in the center and slide the long permanent divider tabs into the slots in the short sides:
You can put this frame inside of your big box at this point, then add the other two permanent divider tabs into the short sides.
You can slide the adjustable dividers in wherever you'd like, and move them as needed. Your rulebooks should fit nicely in the small empty section at the bottom!