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Tokyo Sidekick Resources


Play Heroes and Sidekicks in any combination, take their powers into your own hands to fight Villains and resolve Incidents as they pop up across Tokyo! Use your Energy and EXP wisely to power up your abilities, and use gadgets and skills to aid your fellow Heroes - because you're working together! Eliminate enough enemies and you'll attract the attention of the ultimate evil - the Menace. Can you become powerful enough to take down the Menace and save all of Tokyo?

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  2-4 players | Ages 12 and up | 45-60 minutes | Co-operative


Rulebook and Documents
Draft Rulebook

What's in the Box?
One (1) Game Board measuring 32" x 22" (81cm x 56.5cm)
Four (4) Player Boards
One (1) Power-Up Board
245 Cards - 42 oversized (79 x 120mm) and 203 mini (44 x 63mm)
40 Cardboard Character Standees
16 Plastic Standee Bases
31 Tokens