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It is an honor to be the only tabletop games publisher in North America dedicated exclusively to anime tabletop games, and be trusted with their safe passage from Japan to your table – these titles are the pinnacle of Japanese imagination.


Anime Board Game Winter Sale

From now until the end of the year, Japanime's biggest sale is live! 50% off all select titles --sought-after classics, hidden gems, and the games you've been looking at but haven't bought yet are now listed at their lowest price ever. Browse the Winter Sale collection below.

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Epic 7 Arise - Free Gift!

Japanime Games has forged a new partnership with Farside Games to produce Epic Seven Arise - a sprawling board game experience inspired by the Epic Seven mobile game, a worldwide sensation!

Receive a FREE 6-piece acrylic standee set with pre-order.

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Japanamaniac, n.

An endearing term for an individual who is passionate about Japanese culture, anime, and tabletop gaming – others tend to describe Japanamaniacs as ‘weird’ or ‘off-putting’...

Little do they know, there are thousands of us! ;)

The Original Japanimaniacs

What do you get when you mix an ex-comic book store owner turned anime convert, a Maid of Many Hats, and a Japanese-to-English translator otherwise known as ‘Babblefish’?

Answer: Team Japanime.

Though from wildly different backgrounds, we all have at least one thing in common – we’re crazy about tabletop gaming.

The fun. The connection with each other. The belonging.

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Our Fan Favorites

Fight sinister forces in Kamigami Battles. Conquer the throne in Heart of Crown. Or become Master of the House in Tanto Cuore.

Meticulous design; rich, authentic imagery; and engaging gameplay are a few of the reasons why Japanamiacs can’t get enough of these titles.

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Gaming Together

We believe that the best games are created by those who are going to play them.

So, just as our Japanamaniacs let us know which games they love to play the most, they also help us shape the games they want to play the most.

From concept to reality, together we create the future of Japanime tabletop gaming.

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Ways to Stay Connected

Below are our best community avenues for the budding Japanamaniac.

  • Join Japanime

    Inside, Japanamaniacs are behind-the-scenes on all our ongoing projects (hint: first dibs to influence the games we make), our upcoming releases, and the people behind your favorite games. Expect also to receive perks you just can’t say no to.

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  • Go Digital

    No Table? No Problem! 

    You can play some of your favorite games right from your computer. Take a look at ‘digitized’ table-top gaming selection.

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