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Kamigami Battles: River of Souls


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Fans have been asking about expansions to Kanzume Goddess since its original release, so in addition to Battle of the Nine Realms, we are also pleased to offer a NEW stand-alone expansion to Kamigami: Kamigami Battles: River of Souls! River of Souls will include brand new artwork featuring Gods, Warriors and Disciples from the Egyptian and Babylonian pantheons and myths. 

  • Length: 8.5"
  • Width: 8.5"
  • Height: 3.25"
  • Play Time: 60 minutes
  • Recommended Ages: 12+
  • Number of Players: 2-6
  • Number of Cards Included: 18 oversized cards, 180 standard cards, and 21 randomizers
  • Sleeve Size: Standard
  • SKU: JPG626
  • Barcode: 0703558838322

Battle of the Nine Realms includes 18 oversized cards, 201 standard cards (including randomizers), 50 energy tokens, 22 dividers to organize your standard cards, and the rulebook.

River of Souls includes 18 oversized cards, 201 standard cards (including randomizers), 50 energy tokens, 22 dividers to organize your standard cards, and the rulebook.

Avatars of Cosmic Fire includes 7 oversized cards, 103 standard cards (including randomizers) and 10 dividers

Children of Danu includes 7 oversized cards, 73 standard cards (including randomizers) and 10 dividers

Court of the Emperor includes 7 oversized cards, 79 standard cards (including randomizers) and 10 dividers

Warriors of the Dawn includes 7 oversized cards, 79 standard cards (including randomizers) and 12 dividers


What's the difference between Battle of the Nine Realms and River of Souls?

Both are base games and can be played right out of the box. They can also be used together, as well as with all of the expansions.

Battle of the Nine Realms pits gods from Greek and Norse mythology against one another, while River of Souls introduced the Egyptian and Babylonian pantheons.

How can I get promo cards?

Promo packs are sent out with games ordered direct from the website.

We don't sell promo cards separately, but most of them are available in the foil packs!

Why are the Griffin and Nefertiti cards different in the rulebook than they are printed?

The versions displayed in the rulebook are correct. PDF copies of the errata are available on the Documents tab above.

The corrections will be made in future reprints and errata cards may be printed at that time.

The Disciple counts on the expansions are wrong!

Unfortunately, there was a crossed wire when we were finalizing the card counts on three of the Kamigami Battles expansions. Luckily, two of them are too many!

Court of the Emperor has too many Clay Warrior cards - the box contains 24, you only need 18.

Warriors of the Dawn has too many Ashigaru cards - the box contains 24, you only need 18.

Children of Danu is missing 6 Druid cards - you should have 24. A pack containing those 6 cards can be requested here.

Clarification: What is Reincarnate? What does "from where it was recruited" exactly mean? Where will it be placed if I reincarnate a warrior from the Netherworld? What if I reincarnate a card from my/another player's discard pile or hand?

When a card is Reincarnated, the card is placed on the bottom of the pile from where it was recruited. The card is shuffled into the deck it was drawn from (Disciples, or Warriors). This is only necessary in the case of Warriors as the Disciple decks are not randomized.

Clarification: In one place, it says if my god is sealed, I should shuffle my discard pile. In another, it says I should shuffle my draw deck. Which one is correct?

The Player's draw deck and discard pile are shuffled together to create a new draw deck.

Clarification: Odin - Judgment - What does "fail automatically" mean? Some adjudication can always make effects, for example, "if the card revealed is a Disciple, XXXXX. If it is a Warrior, XXXX." Does "fail" simply refer to "the adjudication does NOT trigger any effect"? And more importantly, is this ability supposed to be used BEFORE or AFTER the adjudication card is revealed?

After the Adjudication card is drawn, any effects of the Adjudication are canceled.

Clarification: Odin - Ruler - If I first attack an opponent's temple with a warrior, can I then attack the same player's God? If I attack an opponent's God as the first attack, can I attack the same God again?

After completing an attack, the attacking player may choose to attack a different player. They may choose to attack that player's God or Temple.

Clarification: Athena - Tutelary Power - Does this ability also work for my own card effect requiring "discarding card" cost? And if one card effect requires me to discard 2 cards, can I choose to discard one or I have to completely refuse discarding any cards?

Costs have to be paid prior to any reaction so the card would have already been discarded when this reaction would be triggered. You can think of it as "Any time a card effect forces you to discard cards from your hand, you may choose to discard one fewer card."

Clarification: Apollo - Blight - If I gain 2 energy from one single card effect, should I trigger this ability twice (take 2 Disciple) or only once?

This power can only be used once per turn.

Clarification: Gudme Temple React Ability - If I draw 2 cards due to one warror's effect, should I gain 1 or 2 energy on this temple?

This is whenever cards are drawn and is not tied to the number of cards drawn.  

Clarification: Temple of Delphi React Ability - Does it apply if I defend "my temple" rather than "my god"? Is "my temple" also considered as a part of "me"? And does it work for multiple times since it has no text like "you may activate this Ability only once per turn"?

You may activate this Ability only once per turn. All Temples should have had that with their first ability. You refers to the player and includes their Temple or their God.

Clarification: Temple of Delphi React Ability - Does it apply for any card WITHOUT "React: Defense" ability (increase from defense 0->2)?

It only increases a card's Defense if it has that ability and does not grant it the ability.

Clarification: Noble Star React Ability - For all similar cases, does "you" also cover "your temple"? Does this ability work if your temple (not your God) is attacked?

You covers your Temple or your God. In this case you can only redirect it to a God not a Temple.

Clarification: Temple of Khonshu React Ability - Does "a warrior" exactly refer to "a warrior's ability"? And should I gain 1 or 2 energy if a warrior allows me to draw 2 cards?

It should refer to a Warrior's ability. It like the example above is not tied to the number of cards drawn, so you only gain 1 {energy} regardless of the cards drawn.

Clarification: Magi Act Ability - Does "any deck" apply for both "warrior deck" and "any player's draw deck"?

Any deck, so all players as well as Warrior Deck. 

Clarification: Ammut Act Ability - Are the Disciples banished immediately after being played, or banished during discard or end phase/at the end of the attack?

They are banished during the current player's discard phase.

Clarification: Jinn Act Ability - What if the next played warrior doesn't have "Act: Attack" ability?

Then the card has no effect.

Clarification: Seraph React Ability - Can it swap with a disciple without React ability? Can it swap with a disciple with a React ability but choose NOT to use its ability? And you can only use one of the React abilities if the swapped disciple has multiple ones, correct? 

It can swap with any Disciple, but you only get to use a [react] so there would be no additional effects. Only 1 [react] can be sued per Warrior or Disciple in response to a trigger.

Clarification: Cherubim Act Ability - Can I look at the card before placing it on top of my deck?

You cannot. It is a mystery.

Clarification: Izanami-no-Mikoto Reincarnate Ability - When you "replace the banished Warrior with a card from the Warrior Deck", do you draw top cards of Warrior Deck to refill as usual or do you choose a card from the Warrior Deck to replace?

Replace as normal.

Clarification: Hachiman, God of War - Does "as if it was in your hand" simply refer to "it needs to legally match the Chain colors"? Does it intend to mean any other special thing?

A Defense is a [react] so it is played outside the chain, so it does not have to abide by the current chain.

Clarification: Kitsune Act Ability - Does "a warrior played previously" refer to "the last played warrior" or "any warrior" in the current chain?

Any Warrior in the current chain.

Clarification: Guan Yu - Slayer of Demons - Does "warrior in play" generally refer to "warrior in a player's play area waiting for being discarded during his/her discard phase"? If we understand it correctly, it only makes sense if this ability is used at the BEGINNING of any player's discard phase before any card is discarded yet?

It refers to any Warrior in the current player's chain or played by an opponent as a react. It should say "At the beginning of the Discard Phase..."

Clarification: Jiang Shi Act Ability - Does your god or your temple gain 1 energy?

Your god gains 1 energy.

Clarification: Hungry Ghost Act Ability - This "opponent" isn't necessarily the opponent losing energy because of Hungry Ghost, correct? And what's the benefit of placing Hungry Ghost in another player's discard pile?

It does not have to be the player that loses energy. The card is powerful so the idea is that you cannot hold onto it once you use it. The cost reflects that.

Clarification: Mogwai Act Ability - What is the benefit of this ability?

You're bloating your opponent's deck - it's a useless card that takes up space in their hand!

Clarification: Mu Guiying Act Ability - If the opponent plays multiple cards to defend, can I pay enough Faith to take all or some of these Disciples or Warriors?

You may pay Faith equal to one of the defender's Cost to put them on top of your Draw Deck during your Discard Phase. You may only choose one Defender.

Clarification: Ganesha - Remover of Obstacles - Can your opponent play a card with Defense Ability but use another React ability (if any) of that card? In short, does this block "playing the card" or "using the defense ability of a card"?

It blocks playing a Defense ability. Opponents may not use Warriors or Disciples Defense Ability for the rest of your turn.

Clarification: Brahma - Master of the 4 Vedas - Does "face-down deck" refer to both player's draw deck and Warrior deck?


Clarification: Cernunnos - Lord of Animals - Does it mean reincarnating a Warrior from your hand?

Yes. Choose a green Warrior from your hand and reincarnate it.

Clarification: Mannan McLir - Wave Sweeper - Does it only apply for "React: defense" ability, or it can also cancel an indirect God/Temple ability like "Increase the Defense of a card by 2" (Temple of Delphi) or "Discard a Disciple: +2 Defense" (Isis, the Mother God)?

It only applies to a React Defense ability.

Clarification: Temple Emain Macha React Ability - Is using an indirect ability like "Discard a Disciple: +2 Defense" also considered playing a defense?

It only applies to a React Defense ability.

Clarification: Druid Act Ability - Would I still gain the Faith or Energy if I (or another player) use an effect to prevent the revealed card from being banished? This sounds very tricky if another player can prevent my collecting resources by protecting my cards.

If the card revealed is a Disciple, Banish that card. Gain 2 (Faith). If it is a Warrior, Banish that card. Gain 2 (Energy) on your Temple. In this case, if the banishment is prevented, then the resources are still gained.

Clarification: Fionn MacCumhal Act Ability - Does "a temple" mean "my temple" or "any player's temple"? And is this part mandatory? Can I only use "attack 3" and choose not to spend energy to boost it?

Spend 1 Energy from your Temple to gain +2 Attack.

Clarification: Firbolg Act Ability - Should it be "equal to or less than the combined cost"?


Clarification: Formorian Act Ability - Does "previous card" refer to "the last played warrior" or "any previous played warrior" in the current chain?

Any previously played warrior in the chain.


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